2am is not a good time to try and learn danish


That second image.

Stranger Danger with squirrel monkeys~

Today I went to the zoo with my dad and little sister, and there’s a walkway with free-roaming squirrel monkeys. There’s literally signs plastered everywhere saying things like “DO NOT TOUCH THE MONKEYS”

while we were in there though, out of the blue, a monkey hops down onto my dad’s shoulder! I carefully reach out to usher the monkey off of my dad, and a zoo keeper runs over and scolds us for touching the monkeys.

There’s clearly no protocol for “but what if the monkeys decided to touch you

on the upside for a few seconds I did indeed touch the monkey because it walked along onto my arm while the keeper was telling us off. It had cold little feet! <3

In other zoo shenanigans: Okapis still look gorgeous, african painted/hunting dogs make wee squeaky noises when excited, the giraffes are apparently getting frisky now spring is here, and there are still herons chilling with the penguins~

fuuoaaah who knew i'd randomly run into you on here? heh. we met in trolldown ages ago, if you still remember maybe?

oh man! You’re the person with ignoto! Ahh, you were a real good sport, it’s nice to see you again~ c:

uhhh&#8230; I&#8217;ll call it&#8230;
"it&#8217;s not red if the lips aren&#8217;t really touching"~
I saw something similar to this on sara&#8217;s shipping tag, and I had to draw these two being stupid moirails ehe.

uhhh… I’ll call it…

"it’s not red if the lips aren’t really touching"~

I saw something similar to this on sara’s shipping tag, and I had to draw these two being stupid moirails ehe.

The villagers you're most friendly with are those villagers that are mostly likely to move.

That doesn’t match with the outcome though.

I know that in order to make the ‘best friends’ outcome harder, villagers you are close to will periodically ask to move out. Therefore meaning that villagers you ignore are not the only ones to leave.

However, all of my closest friend villagers are still there, the ones that left were ones I was not wholly fond of, but also not actively ignoring, I’d still occasionally fulfil quests or send mail to them.

In conclusion: The villagers that left were neither my MOST or LEAST liked characters, but actually the ones in the middle?


just in case I have any animal crossing new leaf players following me who are wondering about ‘villagers moving out’ tricks and time travel

here are the results of my adventures:

  • trying to make renee move out
  • made a new character
  • talked to everyone else every day for one week
  • people who moved out: colton, klaus
  • people who didn’t move out: freaking RENEE

In conclusion: it’s still exactly as random as it ever was, except with slightly sped up moving out rates due to time travelling, obviously.

ok, so ignoring a villager for a week using a new character didn’t work for me, fffffffuuuuuu

attempting time travel in animal crossing to get rid of renee

so scary eeeeek

even small birds have really different personalities

For example, this bedtime:

Moblit fluttered down, landed on my hands in midair, let me hold him to the cage door and hopped in on his own.

Sawney on the other hand went over and clung onto one of my pot plants and bit me when I went over and got her.

No guesses which is good bird and which one is bad bird~ (I love them both anyway mind you)